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Supplementary Video 2B from Targeted Single-cell Isolation of Spontaneously Escaping Live Melanoma Cells for Comparative Transcriptomics

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posted on 2023-08-11, 14:20 authored by Jacqueline L.E. Tearle, Satya N.V. Arjunan, Szun S. Tay, Feyza Colakoglu, James Cremasco, Matteo Golo, Maté Biro

Supplementary Video 2B shows representative images of a Sulfasalazine-treated spheroid. Scale bar: 200 µm, number at top left: days post-implantation.


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Cancer Institute NSW (Cancer Institute New South Wales)

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This work describes a readily implementable method that allows for the isolation of individual live tumor cells of interest for downstream analyses, and provides the single-cell transcriptomes of melanoma cells at distinct invasive states, both of which open avenues for in-depth investigations into the transcriptional regulation of the earliest phases of metastasis.