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Table S5 from Tau Mutations Serve as a Novel Risk Factor for Cancer

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posted on 2023-03-31, 02:00 authored by Giacomina Rossi, Veronica Redaelli, Paolo Contiero, Sabrina Fabiano, Giovanna Tagliabue, Paola Perego, Luisa Benussi, Amalia C. Bruni, Graziella Filippini, Mariangela Farinotti, Giorgio Giaccone, Simona Buiatiotis, Claudia Manzoni, Raffaele Ferrari, Fabrizio Tagliavini

Table S5 shows the strong and unbiased specificity of tau's interactome, by generating 25 random protein sets with similar size to the tau's interactome and their functional enrichment


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In addition to its well-recognized role in neurodegeneration, tau participates in maintenance of genome stability and chromosome integrity. In particular, peripheral cells from patients affected by frontotemporal lobar degeneration carrying a mutation in tau gene (genetic tauopathies), as well as cells from animal models, show chromosome numerical and structural aberrations, chromatin anomalies, and a propensity toward abnormal recombination. As genome instability is tightly linked to cancer development, we hypothesized that mutated tau may be a susceptibility factor for cancer. Here we conducted a retrospective cohort study comparing cancer incidence in families affected by genetic tauopathies to control families. In addition, we carried out a bioinformatics analysis to highlight pathways associated with the tau protein interactome. We report that the risk of developing cancer is significantly higher in families affected by genetic tauopathies, and a high proportion of tau protein interactors are involved in cellular processes particularly relevant to cancer. These findings disclose a novel role of tau as a risk factor for cancer, providing new insights in the various pathologic roles of mutated tau.Significance: This study reveals a novel role for tau as a risk factor for cancer, providing new insights beyond its role in neurodegeneration. Cancer Res; 78(13); 3731–9. ©2018 AACR.