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Table S4 from New Insights Into Platelet-enriched miRNAs: Production, Functions, Roles in Tumors, and Potential Targets for Tumor Diagnosis and Treatment

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posted on 2023-04-03, 18:44 authored by Shuo Miao, Qingsong Zhang, Wenguang Chang, Jianxun Wang

Platelet miRNAs and their roles in platelet production.


Shandong Province Natural Science

Shandong Province Postdoctoral Innovation Project



In view of the increasing number of malignant tumors worldwide and their high mortality, efforts are being made to find effective biomarkers for early detection and effective treatment measures of cancer. In recent years, the roles of platelets in tumors have attracted considerable attention. Although platelets do not have nuclei, they are rich in miRNAs, which are important molecules in platelet regulation of tumors. Platelet miRNA expression in tumor patients is abnormal and tumor-specific. Platelet miRNAs have higher accuracy and specificity than conventional tumor detection markers and circulating miRNAs in tumor diagnosis. Platelets enriched miRNAs are involved in the regulation of tumor proliferation, metastasis, tumor-related immunity, tumor-related thrombosis, and antitumor therapy. To understand the role of platelet miRNAs in tumors, this article reviews the biological functions of miRNAs in platelets and summarizes the regulatory roles of platelet miRNAs in tumors and the potential roles of platelet miRNAs in tumor diagnosis and treatment.

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