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Table S1 from IOA-244 is a Non–ATP-competitive, Highly Selective, Tolerable PI3K Delta Inhibitor That Targets Solid Tumors and Breaks Immune Tolerance

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posted on 2023-04-14, 14:20 authored by Zoë Johnson, Chiara Tarantelli, Elisa Civanelli, Luciano Cascione, Filippo Spriano, Amy Fraser, Pritom Shah, Tyzoon Nomanbhoy, Sara Napoli, Andrea Rinaldi, Karolina Niewola-Staszkowska, Michael Lahn, Dominique Perrin, Mathias Wenes, Denis Migliorini, Francesco Bertoni, Lars van der Veen, Giusy Di Conza

Table summarizing the IC50 values derived from previous published experiments performed with IOA-244


Innosuisse - Schweizerische Agentur für Innovationsförderung (Innosuisse)

Swiss Cancer Research Foundation (Swiss Cancer Research)



IOA-244 is a first-in-class non–ATP-competitive, PI3Kδ inhibitor with direct antitumor in vitro activity correlated with PI3Kδ expression. The ability to modulate T cells, in vivo antitumor activity in various models with limited toxicity in animal studies provides the rationale for the ongoing trials in patients with solid tumors and hematologic cancers.