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Table S1 and Table S2 from Distinct Predictive Immunogenomic Profiles of Response to Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors and IL2: A Real-world Evidence Study of Patients with Advanced Renal Cancer

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posted on 2023-04-04, 01:42 authored by Joel R. Eisner, Kirk D. Beebe, Gregory M. Mayhew, Yoichiro Shibata, Yuelong Guo, Carol Farhangfar, Farhang Farhangfar, Joshua M. Uronis, Jill Mooney, Michael V. Milburn, David Foureau, Richard L. White, Asim Amin, Marcos E. Milla

40 gene IL-2 response classifier and related immune cell types



Next-generation IL2 agents, designed for improved tolerability over traditional HD-IL2 (aldesleukin), are in clinical development. Retrospective molecular tumor profiling of patients treated with HD-IL2 or anti-PD-1 therapy provides insights into genomic characteristics of therapy response. This study revealed common and distinct immune-related predictive response markers for IL2 and anti-PD-1 therapy which may play a role in therapy guidance, and rational combination strategies for these agents.