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Supplementary Tables S1-S5 from Mitogenic Insulin Receptor-A Is Overexpressed in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma due to EGFR-Mediated Dysregulation of RNA Splicing Factors

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posted on 2023-03-30, 21:21 authored by Hamza Chettouh, Laetitia Fartoux, Lynda Aoudjehane, Dominique Wendum, Audrey Clapéron, Yves Chrétien, Colette Rey, Olivier Scatton, Olivier Soubrane, Filomena Conti, Françoise Praz, Chantal Housset, Olivier Rosmorduc, Christèle Desbois-Mouthon

Supplementary Tables S1-S5 - PDF file 94K, Clinicopathologic characteristics of patients with HCC (S1); Pharmacological inhibitors (S2); Antibodies for Western blot and immunofluorescence (S3); Primer pairs for qualitative and quantitative PCR (S4); Correlations between IR-A and splicing factor mRNA levels in human HCC tumours (S5)



Insulin receptor (IR) exists as two isoforms resulting from the alternative splicing of IR pre-mRNA. IR-B promotes the metabolic effects of insulin, whereas IR-A rather signals proliferative effects. IR-B is predominantly expressed in the adult liver. Here, we show that the alternative splicing of IR pre-mRNA is dysregulated in a panel of 85 human hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) while being normal in adjacent nontumor liver tissue. An IR-B to IR-A switch is frequently observed in HCC tumors regardless of tumor etiology. Using pharmacologic and siRNA approaches, we show that the autocrine or paracrine activation of the EGF receptor (EGFR)/mitogen-activated protein/extracellular signal–regulated kinase pathway increases the IR-A:IR-B ratio in HCC cell lines, but not in normal hepatocytes, by upregulating the expression of the splicing factors CUGBP1, hnRNPH, hnRNPA1, hnRNPA2B1, and SF2/ASF. In HCC tumors, there is a significant correlation between the expression of IR-A and that of splicing factors. Dysregulation of IR pre-mRNA splicing was confirmed in a chemically induced model of HCC in rat but not in regenerating livers after partial hepatectomy. This study identifies a mechanism responsible for the generation of mitogenic IR-A and provides a novel interplay between IR and EGFR pathways in HCC. Increased expression of IR-A during neoplastic transformation of hepatocytes could mediate some of the adverse effects of hyperinsulinemia on HCC. Cancer Res; 73(13); 3974–86. ©2013 AACR.