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Supplementary Table 15 from African American Prostate Cancer Displays Quantitatively Distinct Vitamin D Receptor Cistrome-transcriptome Relationships Regulated by BAZ1A

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posted on 2023-04-18, 14:20 authored by Manjunath Siddappa, Shahid Hussain, Sajad A. Wani, Jason White, Hancong Tang, Jaimie S. Gray, Hedieh Jafari, Hsu-Chang Wu, Mark D. Long, Isra Elhussin, Balasubramanyam Karanam, Honghe Wang, Rebecca Morgan, Gary Hardiman, Isaacson B. Adelani, Solomon O. Rotimi, Adam R. Murphy, Larisa Nonn, Melissa B. Davis, Rick A. Kittles, Chanita Hughes Halbert, Lara E. Sucheston-Campbell, Clayton Yates, Moray J. Campbell

ST_15 Cistrome and miRNA expression


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Our study identified that genomic ancestry drives the VDR complex composition, genomic distribution, and transcriptional function, and is disrupted by BAZ1A and illustrates a novel driver for AA prostate cancer.