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Supplementary Figures 1-6 from Tumor Angiogenesis Mediated by Myeloid Cells Is Negatively Regulated by CEACAM1

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posted on 2023-03-30, 21:20 authored by Rongze Lu, Maciej Kujawski, Hao Pan, John E. Shively

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Bv8 (prokineticin 2) expressed by Gr1+CD11b+ myeloid cells is critical for VEGF-independent tumor angiogenesis. Although granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) has been shown to be a key inducer of Bv8 expression, the basis for Bv8 production in driving tumor angiogenesis is undefined. Because the cell adhesion molecule CEACAM1, which is highly expressed on Gr1+CD11b+ myeloid cells, is known to regulate G-CSF receptor (G-CSFR) signaling, we hypothesized that CEACAM1 would regulate Bv8 production in these cells. In support of this hypothesis, we found that Bv8 expression was elevated in Gr1+CD11b+ cells from Ceacam1-deficient mice implanted with B16 melanoma, increasing the infiltration of Gr1+CD11b+ myeloid cells in melanoma tumors and enhancing their growth and angiogenesis. Furthermore, treatment with anti-Gr1 or anti-Bv8 or anti-G-CSF monoclonal antibody reduced myeloid cell infiltration, tumor growth, and angiogenesis to levels observed in tumor-bearing wild-type (WT) mice. Reconstitution of CEACAM1-deficient mice with WT bone marrow cells restored tumor infiltration of Gr1+CD11b+ cells along with tumor growth and angiogenesis to WT levels. Treatment of tumor-bearing WT mice with anti-CEACAM1 antibody limited tumor outgrowth and angiogenesis, albeit to a lesser extent. Tumor growth in Ceacam1-deficient mice was not affected significantly in Rag−/− background, indicating that CEACAM1 expression in T and B lymphocytes had a negligible role in this pathway. Together, our findings show that CEACAM1 negatively regulates Gr1+CD11b+ myeloid cell–dependent tumor angiogenesis by inhibiting the G-CSF-Bv8 signaling pathway. Cancer Res; 72(9); 2239–50. ©2012 AACR.

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