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Supplementary Figure S3 from Adaptive c-Met-PLXDC2 Signaling Axis Mediates Cancer Stem Cell Plasticity to Confer Radioresistance-associated Aggressiveness in Head and Neck Cancer

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posted on 2023-04-19, 13:20 authored by Liwei Lang, Fanghui Chen, Yamin Li, Chloe Shay, Fan Yang, Hancai Dan, Zhuo G. Chen, Nabil F. Saba, Yong Teng

Inhibitory effect of three c-Met inhibitors on c-Met phosphorylation in CAL27 cells. CAL27 cells were treated with 2.5 µM SU11274, foretinib or crizotinib for 24 hours, followed by Western blotting analysis.


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This work provides novel insights into c-Met-PLXDC2 signaling in radioresistance-associated aggressiveness and suggests a new mechanism-informed therapeutic strategy to overcome failure of radiotherapy in patients with HNSCC.