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Supplementary Figure S2 from RAB27B Drives a Cancer Stem Cell Phenotype in NSCLC Cells Through Enhanced Extracellular Vesicle Secretion

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posted on 2023-04-17, 16:20 authored by Kayleah M. Meneses, Prita Pandya, Jennifer A. Lindemann, Dania S. Al-Qasrawi, Ryan A. Argo, Celeste M. Weems, Danielle J. Beetler, Geraldine V. Vijay, Irene K. Yan, Joy Wolfram, Tushar Patel, Verline Justilien

Supplementary Figure S2: RAB27B is required for the stem-like phenotype of NSCLC CSCs


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Expression of RAB27B in CSCs leads to elevated levels of EVs that mediate communication between CSCs and BCCs that maintains a stem-like phenotype in NSCLC cells.