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Supplementary Figure 4 from Combined Targeting of NAD Biosynthesis and the NAD-dependent Transcription Factor C-terminal Binding Protein as a Promising Novel Therapy for Pancreatic Cancer

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posted on 2023-10-04, 14:20 authored by M. Michael Dcona, Kranthi Kumar Chougoni, Diana T. Dcona, Jacqueline L. West, Sahib J. Singh, Keith C. Ellis, Steven R. Grossman

Viability of A) PaTu8988T or B) Suit2 cell lines expressing shGFP, shCtBP1, or shCtBP2, treated with Vehicle (Veh)or increasing concentrations of GMX1778 for 72 h as measured by MTT assay.





Effective precision therapies are lacking in PDAC. We demonstrate that simultaneous inhibition of NAD metabolism and the oncoprotein CtBP is potently effective at blocking growth of both PDAC cells in culture and human PDAC-derived tumors in mice and should be explored further as a potential therapy for patients with PDAC.