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Supplementary Figure 3 from Trop-2 Promotes Prostate Cancer Metastasis By Modulating β1 Integrin Functions

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posted on 2023-03-30, 21:50 authored by Marco Trerotola, Danielle L. Jernigan, Qin Liu, Javed Siddiqui, Alessandro Fatatis, Lucia R. Languino

PDF file - 318K, Surface levels of β1, αv and α5 integrins are not affected by Trop-2.



The molecular mechanisms underlying metastatic dissemination are still not completely understood. We have recently shown that β1 integrin-dependent cell adhesion to fibronectin and signaling is affected by a transmembrane molecule, Trop-2, which is frequently upregulated in human carcinomas. Here, we report that Trop-2 promotes metastatic dissemination of prostate cancer cells in vivo and is abundantly expressed in metastasis from human prostate cancer. We also show here that Trop-2 promotes prostate cancer cell migration on fibronectin, a phenomenon dependent on β1 integrins. Mechanistically, we demonstrate that Trop-2 and the α5β1 integrin associate through their extracellular domains, causing relocalization of α5β1 and the β1-associated molecule talin from focal adhesions to the leading edges. Trop-2 effect is specific as this molecule does not modulate migration on vitronectin, does not associate with the major vitronectin receptor, αvβ3 integrin, and does not affect localization of αvβ3 integrin as well as vinculin in focal adhesions. We show that Trop-2 enhances directional prostate cancer cell migration, through modulation of Rac1 GTPase activity. Finally, we show that Trop-2 induces activation of PAK4, a kinase that has been reported to mediate cancer cell migration. In conclusion, we provide the first evidence that β1 integrin-dependent migratory and metastatic competence of prostate cancer cells is enhanced by Trop-2. Cancer Res; 73(10); 3155–67. ©2013 AACR.