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Supplementary Figure 1 from Prognostic Relevance of Tumor Purity and Interaction with MGMT Methylation in Glioblastoma

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posted on 2023-04-03, 16:24 authored by Eva Schulze Heuling, Felix Knab, Josefine Radke, Eskil Eskilsson, Emmanuel Martinez-Ledesma, Arend Koch, Marcus Czabanka, Christoph Dieterich, Roel G. Verhaak, Christoph Harms, Philipp Euskirchen

Tumor purity of matched tumor/cell line pairs: Tumor purity of GBM bulk tumor samples and matched gliomasphere cell lines was determined either using ESTIMATE for deconvolution of gene expression profiles (A) or pTERT MAF (B, C). Connected dots indicate matched pairs.


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Promoter methylation status of O-6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase (MGMT), a DNA repair enzyme, is a critical biomarker in glioblastoma (GBM), as treatment decisions and clinical trial inclusion rely on its accurate assessment. However, interpretation of results is complicated by poor interassay reproducibility as well as a weak correlation between methylation status and expression levels of MGMT. This study systematically investigates the influence of tumor purity on tissue subjected to MGMT analysis. A quantitative, allele-specific real-time PCR (qAS-PCR) assay was developed to determine genotype and mutant allele frequency of telomerase promoter (pTERT) mutations as a direct measure of tumor purity. We studied tumor purity, pTERT mutation by Sanger sequencing, MGMT methylation by pyrosequencing, IDH1 mutation status, and clinical parameters in a cohort of high-grade gliomas (n = 97). The qAS-PCR reliably predicted pTERT genotype and tumor purity compared with independent methods. Tumor purity positively and significantly correlated with the extent of methylation in MGMT methylated GBMs. Extent of MGMT methylation differed significantly with respect to pTERT mutation hotspot (C228T vs. C250T). Interestingly, frontal lobe tumors showed greater tumor purity than those in other locations. Above all, tumor purity was identified as an independent prognostic factor in GBM. In conclusion, we determined mutual associations of tumor purity with MGMT methylation and pTERT mutations and found that the extent of MGMT methylation reflects tumor purity. In turn, tumor purity is prognostic in IDH1 wild-type GBM.Implications: Tumor purity is an independent prognostic marker in glioblastoma and is associated with the extent of MGMT methylation. Mol Cancer Res; 15(5); 532–40. ©2017 AACR.