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Supplementary Figure 1 from Multicellular Complex Tumor Spheroid Response to DNA Repair Inhibitors in Combination with DNA-damaging Drugs

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posted on 2023-08-25, 14:20 authored by Thomas S. Dexheimer, Nathan P. Coussens, Thomas Silvers, John Wright, Joel Morris, James H. Doroshow, Beverly A. Teicher

Figure S1. Representative brightfield images for assay optimized cell densities from a DMSO-treated well on Day 10.



Clinical efficacy of DNA-damaging anticancer drugs can be influenced by the DNA damage response in tumor cells. The potentiation of DNA-damaging drugs by pharmacologic modulation of DNA repair pathways was assessed in multicellular tumor spheroids. Although most combinations demonstrated additive cytotoxicity, synergistic cytotoxicity was observed for several drug combinations.