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Supplementary Fig 7 from Whole-genome CpG-resolution DNA Methylation Profiling of HNSCC Reveals Distinct Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis for Fine-scale HPV+ Cancer Subtypes

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posted on 2023-08-30, 14:20 authored by Tingting Qin, Shiting Li, Leanne E. Henry, Elysia Chou, Raymond G. Cavalcante, Bailey F. Garb, Nisha J. D'Silva, Laura S. Rozek, Maureen A. Sartor

Methylation and expression profiles of the eleven genes that are hypermethylated in TCGA HNSC tumor vs normal, and hypermethylated in KRT vs IMU shown in Figure 5C.


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This study revealed that the previously observed hypermethylation of HPV(+) HNSCC is due solely to the IMU subtype, illustrating the importance of fine-scale subtype analysis in such a heterogeneous disease. Particularly, IMU has significantly higher methylation of transposable elements, which can be tested as a prognosis biomarker in future translational studies.