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Supplementary Data from The Predominant WT1 Isoform (+KTS) Encodes a DNA-Binding Protein Targeting the Planar Cell Polarity Gene Scribble in Renal Podocytes

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posted on 2023-04-03, 18:01 authored by Julie Wells, Miguel N. Rivera, Woo Jae Kim, Kristen Starbuck, Daniel A. Haber

Supplementary Figures S1-S2; Supplementary Materials and Methods; Supplementary Tables S1-S3.



WT1 encodes a tumor suppressor first identified by its inactivation in Wilms' Tumor. Although one WT1 splicing variant encodes a well-characterized zinc finger transcription factor, little is known about the function of the most prevalent WT1 isoform, whose DNA binding domain is disrupted by a three–amino acid (KTS) insertion. Using cells that conditionally express WT1(+KTS), we undertook a genome-wide chromatin immunoprecipitation and cloning analysis to identify candidate WT1(+KTS)–regulated promoters. We identified the planar cell polarity gene Scribble (SCRB) as the first WT1(+KTS) target gene in podocytes of the kidney. WT1 and SCRB expression patterns overlap precisely in developing renal glomeruli of mice, and WT1(+KTS) binds to a 33-nucleotide region within the Scribble promoter in mouse and human cell lines and kidneys. Together, our results support a role for the predominant WT1(+KTS) isoform in transcriptional regulation and suggest a link between the WT1-dependent tumor suppressor pathway and a key component of the planar cell polarity pathway. Mol Cancer Res; 8(7); 975–85. ©2010 AACR.