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Supplementary Data from Spatial Analysis and Clinical Significance of HLA Class-I and Class-II Subunit Expression in Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer

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posted on 2023-03-31, 22:20 authored by Ila J. Datar, Sacha C. Hauc, Shruti Desai, Nicole Gianino, Brian Henick, Yuting Liu, Kostas Syrigos, David L. Rimm, Paula Kavathas, Soldano Ferrone, Kurt A. Schalper

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Yale SPORE in Lung Cancer

Stand Up To Cancer – American Cancer Society Lung Cancer Dream Team Translational Research Grant

Department of Defense-Lung Cancer Research Program

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To analyze the distribution, associated immune contexture, and clinical significance of human leukocyte antigen (HLA) class-I and HLA class-II subunits in non–small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Using spatially resolved and quantitative multiplexed immunofluorescence we studied the tumor/stromal tissue distribution, cancer cell–specific defects, and clinicopathologic/survival associations of β2 microglobulin (β2M), HLA-A, and HLA-B,-C heavy chains, as well as HLA class-II β chain in >700 immunotherapy-naïve NSCLCs from four independent cohorts. Genomic analysis of HLA genes in NSCLC was performed using two publicly available cohorts. Cancer cell–specific downregulation of HLA markers was identified in 30.4% of cases. β2M was downregulated in 9.8% (70/714), HLA-A in 9% (65/722), HLA-B,-C in 12.1% (87/719), and HLA class-II in 17.7% (127/717) of evaluable samples. Concurrent downregulation of β2M, HLA-B,-C, and HLA class-II was commonly identified. Deleterious mutations in HLA genes were detected in <5% of lung malignancies. Tumors with cancer cell–specific β2M downregulation displayed reduced T cells and increased natural killer (NK)–cell infiltration. Samples with cancer cell HLA-A downregulation displayed modest increase in CD8+ T cells and NK-cell infiltration. Samples with cancer cell–selective HLA-B,-C or HLA class-II downregulation displayed reduced T cells and NK-cell infiltration. There was limited association of the markers with clinicopathologic variables and KRAS/EGFR mutations. Cancer cell–selective downregulation of the HLA subunits was associated with shorter overall survival. Our results reveal frequent and differential defects in HLA class-I and HLA class-II protein subunit expression in immunotherapy-naïve NSCLCs associated with distinct tumor microenvironment composition and patient survival.

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