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Supplemental Figure S1 from BRCA1-Associated RING Domain-1 (BARD1) Loss and GBP1 Expression Enhance Sensitivity to DNA Damage in Ewing Sarcoma

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posted on 2023-04-04, 01:25 authored by Lisa M. Maurer, Jessica D. Daley, Elina Mukherjee, Rosemarie E. Venier, Claire M. Julian, Nathanael G. Bailey, Michelle F. Jacobs, Chandan Kumar-Sinha, Haley Raphael, Nivitha Periyapatna, Kurt Weiss, Katherine A. Janeway, Rajen Mody, Peter C. Lucas, Linda M. McAllister-Lucas, Kelly M. Bailey

Additional protein/mRNA expression data (corresponding to Figure 2).


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This work provides preclinical support for the inclusion of pediatric patients with advanced Ewing sarcoma and pathogenic germline variants in BARD1 in future clinical trials testing novel agents inducing DNA damage/targeting DNA damage repair.