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Supplemental Figure 4 from Siglec-15 Promotes Evasion of Adaptive Immunity in B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

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posted on 2023-07-17, 14:20 authored by Claire E. Pillsbury, Jodi Dougan, Jennifer L. Rabe, Jairo A. Fonseca, Chengjing Zhou, Alyssa N. Evans, Hasan Abukharma, Ona Ichoku, Gloria Gonzalez-Flamenco, Sunita I. Park, Ahmed Aljudi, Deborah DeRyckere, Sharon M. Castellino, Sarwish Rafiq, Solomon Langermann, Linda N. Liu, Curtis J. Henry, Christopher C. Porter

Sig15 is required for immune evasion by murine B-ALL.


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We demonstrate that Sig15 is overexpressed in hematologic malignancies driven by NFκB, is required for immune evasion in a mouse model of leukemia, and, for the first time, that it circulates at high levels in the plasma of children with leukemia.