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Figure S5 from Loss of MED12 Induces Tumor Dormancy in Human Epithelial Ovarian Cancer via Downregulation of EGFR

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posted on 2023-03-31, 02:07 authored by Xiao-Lin Luo, Cheng-Cheng Deng, Xiao-Dong Su, Fang Wang, Zhen Chen, Xing-Ping Wu, Shao-Bo Liang, Ji-Hong Liu, Li-Wu Fu

MED12 KO could decrease the expression of MED13, Cyclin C and CDK8.


National Natural Science Foundation of China

Guangzhou Technology Program Foundation



A high rate of disease relapse makes epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) the leading cause of death among all gynecologic malignancies. These relapses are often due to tumor dormancy. Here we identify the RNA polymerase II transcriptional mediator subunit 12 (MED12) as an important molecular regulator of tumor dormancy. MED12 knockout (KO) induced dormancy of EOC cells in vitro and in vivo, and microarray analysis showed that MED12 KO decreased expression of EGFR. Restoration of EGFR expression in MED12 KO cells restored proliferation. Additionally, MED12 bound to the promoter of EGFR, and correlation studies showed that MED12 expression positively correlated with EGFR expression in EOC patient samples. Clinical data demonstrated that chemotherapy-resistant patients expressed lower levels of MED12 compared with responsive patients. Overall, our data show that MED12 plays an important role in regulating dormancy of EOC through regulation of EGFR.Significance: MED12 is identified as a novel, important regulator of tumor dormancy in human ovarian cancer. Cancer Res; 78(13); 3532–43. ©2018 AACR.