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Figure S3 from NFAT1-Mediated Regulation of NDEL1 Promotes Growth and Invasion of Glioma Stem-like Cells

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posted on 2023-03-31, 01:42 authored by Yang Jiang, Yifu Song, Run Wang, Tianhao Hu, Di Zhang, Zixun Wang, Xinxin Tie, Minghao Wang, Sheng Han

NDEL1 expression is correlated with malignant subtypes in gliomas.


National Natural Science Foundation of China

China Medical University



Glioma stem-like cells (GSC) promote tumor generation and progression. However, the mechanism of GSC induction or maintenance is largely unknown. We previously demonstrated that the calcium-responsive transcription factor nuclear factor of activated T cells-1 (NFAT1) is activated in glioblastomas and regulates the invasion of tumor cells. In this study, we further explored the role of NFAT1 in GSC. We found that NFAT1 expression was associated with an aggressive phenotype and predicted poor survival in gliomas. Compared with normal glioma cells, NFAT1 was upregulated in GSC. NFAT1 knockdown reduced GSC viability, invasion, and self-renewal in vitro and inhibited tumorigenesis in vivo, whereas NFAT1 overexpression enhanced the growth and invasion of GSCs. RNA sequencing showed that NFAT1 depletion was associated with reduced neurodevelopment protein 1-like 1 (NDEL1, a potential downstream target of NFAT1) expression, whereas NFAT1 overexpression induced NDEL1 expression. In addition, NFAT1 regulated the promoter activities of NDEL1, whereas rescue of NDEL1 in NFAT1-silenced GSC partially restored tumor growth and invasion. Upregulation of NFAT1–NDEL1 signaling elevated Erk activation, increased protein levels of stemness markers in GSC, and resulted in de-differentiation of normal neuronal cells and astrocytes. Our results indicate that NFAT1 controls the growth and invasion of GSC partially through regulation of NDEL1. Targeting the NFAT1–NDEL1 axis therefore might be of potential benefit in the treatment of patients with glioma. NFAT1 controls the growth and invasion of GSCs, partially by regulating NDEL1. Targeting the NFAT1–NDEL1 axis might provide opportunities in treating patients with glioma.

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