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Figure S3 from Genomic Characterization of Vulvar (Pre)cancers Identifies Distinct Molecular Subtypes with Prognostic Significance

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posted on 2023-03-31, 19:21 authored by Linda S. Nooij, Natalja T. ter Haar, Dina Ruano, Natalia Rakislova, Tom van Wezel, Vincent T.H.B.M. Smit, Baptist J.B.M.Z. Trimbos, Jaume Ordi, Mariette I.E. van Poelgeest, Tjalling Bosse

Figure S3: Concordance p53 IHC and sequencing



Purpose: Vulvar cancer (VC) can be subclassified by human papillomavirus (HPV) status. HPV-negative VCs frequently harbor TP53 mutations; however, in-depth analysis of other potential molecular genetic alterations is lacking. We comprehensively assessed somatic mutations in a large series of vulvar (pre)cancers.Experimental Design: We performed targeted next-generation sequencing (17 genes), p53 immunohistochemistry and HPV testing on 36 VC and 82 precursors (sequencing cohort). Subsequently, the prognostic significance of the three subtypes identified in the sequencing cohort was assessed in a series of 236 VC patients (follow-up cohort).Results: Frequent recurrent mutations were identified in HPV-negative vulvar (pre)cancers in TP53 (42% and 68%), NOTCH1 (28% and 41%), and HRAS (20% and 31%). Mutation frequency in HPV-positive vulvar (pre)cancers was significantly lower (P = 0.001). Furthermore, a substantial subset of the HPV-negative precursors (35/60, 58.3%) and VC (10/29, 34.5%) were TP53 wild-type (wt), suggesting a third, not-previously described, molecular subtype. Clinical outcomes in the three different subtypes (HPV+, HPV−/p53wt, HPV−/p53abn) were evaluated in a follow-up cohort consisting of 236 VC patients. Local recurrence rate was 5.3% for HPV+, 16.3% for HPV−/p53wt and 22.6% for HPV−/p53abn tumors (P = 0.044). HPV positivity remained an independent prognostic factor for favorable outcome in the multivariable analysis (P = 0.020).Conclusions: HPV− and HPV+ vulvar (pre)cancers display striking differences in somatic mutation patterns. HPV−/p53wt VC appear to be a distinct clinicopathologic subgroup with frequent NOTCH1 mutations. HPV+ VC have a significantly lower local recurrence rate, independent of clinicopathological variables, opening opportunities for reducing overtreatment in VC. Clin Cancer Res; 23(22); 6781–9. ©2017 AACR.

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