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Figure S3 from Exploiting Arginine Auxotrophy with Pegylated Arginine Deiminase (ADI-PEG20) to Sensitize Pancreatic Cancer to Radiotherapy via Metabolic Dysregulation

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posted on 2023-04-03, 15:20 authored by Pankaj K. Singh, Amit A. Deorukhkar, Bhanu P. Venkatesulu, Xiaolin Li, Ramesh Tailor, John S. Bomalaski, Sunil Krishnan

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Distinct metabolic vulnerabilities of cancer cells compared with normal cells can potentially be exploited for therapeutic targeting. Deficiency of argininosuccinate synthetase-1 (ASS1) in pancreatic cancers creates auxotrophy for the semiessential amino acid arginine. We explored the therapeutic potential of depleting exogenous arginine via pegylated arginine deiminase (ADI-PEG20) treatment as an adjunct to radiotherapy. We evaluated the efficacy of treatment of human pancreatic cancer cell lines and xenografts with ADI-PEG20 and radiation via clonogenic assays and tumor growth delay experiments. We also investigated potential mechanisms of action using reverse-phase protein array, Western blotting, and IHC and immunofluorescence staining. ADI-PEG20 potently radiosensitized ASS1-deficient pancreatic cancer cells (MiaPaCa-2, Panc-1, AsPc-1, HPAC, and CaPan-1), but not ASS1-expressing cell lines (Bxpc3, L3.6pl, and SW1990). Reverse phase protein array studies confirmed increased expression of proteins related to endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress and apoptosis, which were confirmed by Western blot analysis. Inhibition of ER stress signaling with 4-phenylbutyrate abrogated the expression of ER stress proteins and reversed radiosensitization by ADI-PEG20. Independent in vivo studies in two xenograft models confirmed significant tumor growth delays, which were associated with enhanced expression of ER stress proteins and apoptosis markers and reduced expression of proliferation and angiogenesis markers. ADI-PEG20 augmented the effects of radiation by triggering the ER stress pathway, leading to apoptosis in pancreatic tumor cells.

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