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Figure S2 from TAS0728, A Covalent-binding, HER2-selective Kinase Inhibitor Shows Potent Antitumor Activity in Preclinical Models

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posted on 2023-04-03, 15:29 authored by Hiroki Irie, Kimihiro Ito, Yayoi Fujioka, Kei Oguchi, Akio Fujioka, Akihiro Hashimoto, Hirokazu Ohsawa, Kenji Tanaka, Kaoru Funabashi, Hikari Araki, Yuichi Kawai, Tadashi Shimamura, Renu Wadhwa, Shuichi Ohkubo, Kenichi Matsuo

Body weight changes in mice



Activated HER2 is a promising therapeutic target for various cancers. Although several reports have described HER2 inhibitors in development, no covalent-binding inhibitor selective for HER2 has been reported. Here, we report a novel compound TAS0728 that covalently binds to HER2 at C805 and selectively inhibits its kinase activity. Once TAS0728 bound to HER2 kinase, the inhibitory activity was not affected by a high ATP concentration. A kinome-wide biochemical panel and cellular assays established that TAS0728 possesses high specificity for HER2 over wild-type EGFR. Cellular pharmacodynamics assays using MCF10A cells engineered to express various mutated HER2 genes revealed that TAS0728 potently inhibited the phosphorylation of mutated HER2 and wild-type HER2. Furthermore, TAS0728 exhibited robust and sustained inhibition of the phosphorylation of HER2, HER3, and downstream effectors, thereby inducing apoptosis of HER2-amplified breast cancer cells and in tumor tissues of a xenograft model. TAS0728 induced tumor regression in mouse xenograft models bearing HER2 signal–dependent tumors and exhibited a survival benefit without any evident toxicity in a peritoneal dissemination mouse model bearing HER2-driven cancer cells. Taken together, our results demonstrated that TAS0728 may offer a promising therapeutic option with improved efficacy as compared with current HER2 inhibitors for HER2-activated cancers. Assessment of TAS0728 in ongoing clinical trials is awaited (NCT03410927).