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Figure FS4 from Loss of the Volume-regulated Anion Channel Components LRRC8A and LRRC8D Limits Platinum Drug Efficacy

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posted on 2023-04-04, 01:43 authored by Carmen A. Widmer, Ismar Klebic, Natalya Domanitskaya, Morgane Decollogny, Denise Howald, Myriam Siffert, Paul Essers, Zuzanna Nowicka, Nadine Stokar-Regenscheit, Marieke van de Ven, Renske de Korte-Grimmerink, José A. Galván, Colin E.J. Pritchard, Ivo J. Huijbers, Wojciech Fendler, Conchita Vens, Sven Rottenberg

TIDE analysis and tumor growth curves of Kaplan Meyer survival graphs shown in main Figure 3


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We demonstrate that lack of expression of Lrrc8a or Lrrc8d significantly reduces the uptake and efficacy of cisplatin and carboplatin in Pt-sensitive BRCA1;p53-deficient tumors. Moreover, our work provides support to confirm the LRRC8A and LRRC8D gene expression in individual tumors prior to initiation of intensive Pt-based chemotherapy.