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FigS2 from Single-Cell Transcriptomic Heterogeneity in Invasive Ductal and Lobular Breast Cancer Cells

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posted on 2023-03-31, 04:05 authored by Fangyuan Chen, Kai Ding, Nolan Priedigkeit, Ashuvinee Elangovan, Kevin M. Levine, Neil Carleton, Laura Savariau, Jennifer M. Atkinson, Steffi Oesterreich, Adrian V. Lee



Susan G. Komen




Invasive lobular breast carcinoma (ILC), one of the major breast cancer histologic subtypes, exhibits unique features compared with the well-studied ductal cancer subtype (IDC). The pathognomonic feature of ILC is loss of E-cadherin, mainly caused by inactivating mutations, but the contribution of this genetic alteration to ILC-specific molecular characteristics remains largely understudied. To profile these features transcriptionally, we conducted single-cell RNA sequencing on a panel of IDC and ILC cell lines, and an IDC cell line (T47D) with CRISPR-Cas9–mediated E-cadherin knockout (KO). Inspection of intracell line heterogeneity illustrated genetically and transcriptionally distinct subpopulations in multiple cell lines and highlighted rare populations of MCF7 cells highly expressing an apoptosis-related signature, positively correlated with a preadaptation signature to estrogen deprivation. Investigation of E-cadherin KO–induced alterations showed transcriptomic membranous systems remodeling, elevated resemblance to ILCs in regulon activation, and increased sensitivity to IFNγ-mediated growth inhibition via activation of IRF1. This study reveals single-cell transcriptional heterogeneity in breast cancer cell lines and provides a resource to identify drivers of cancer progression and drug resistance. This study represents a key step towards understanding heterogeneity in cancer cell lines and the role of E-cadherin depletion in contributing to the molecular features of invasive lobular breast carcinoma.

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