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Supplementary Figure 1 from Prognostic and Predictive Values of the Immunoscore in Patients with Rectal Cancer

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posted on 2023-03-31, 17:53 authored by Maria-Gabriela Anitei, Guy Zeitoun, Bernhard Mlecnik, Florence Marliot, Nacilla Haicheur, Ana-Maria Todosi, Amos Kirilovsky, Christine Lagorce, Gabriela Bindea, Dan Ferariu, Mihai Danciu, Patrick Bruneval, Viorel Scripcariu, Jean-Marc Chevallier, Franck Zinzindohoué, Anne Berger, Jérôme Galon, Franck Pagès

Kaplan Meier curves for the duration of OS according A: to T cell (CD3+) density evaluated in combined tumor regions (CT and IM). B: to T cell (CD8+) density evaluated in combined tumor regions (CT and IM).



Purpose: To determine whether the tumor immune infiltrate, as recently evaluated with the Immunoscore methodology, could be a useful prognostic marker in patients with rectal cancers.Experimental design: The influence of the immune infiltrate on patient's outcome was investigated in patients with or without preoperative chemoradiation therapy (pCRT). The density of total (CD3+) and cytotoxic (CD8+) T lymphocytes was evaluated by immunohistochemistry and quantified by a dedicated image analysis software in surgical specimens of patients with rectal cancer (n = 111) who did not receive pCRT and in tumor biopsies performed before pCRT from additional 55 patients. The results were correlated with tumor recurrence, patient's survival, and response to pCRT.Results: The densities of CD3+ and CD8+ lymphocytes and the associated Immunoscore (from I0 to I4) were significantly correlated with differences in disease-free and overall survival (HR, 1.81 and 1.72, respectively; all P < 0.005). Cox multivariate analysis supports the advantage of the Immunoscore compared with the tumor–node–metastasis (TNM) staging in predicting recurrence and survival (all P < 0.001). Lymph node ratio added information in a prognostic model (all P < 0.05). In addition, high infiltration of CD3+ and CD8+ lymphocytes in tumor biopsies was associated with downstaging of the tumor after pCRT (CD3+ cells; Fisher exact test P = 0.01).Conclusions: The Immunoscore could be a useful prognostic marker in patients with rectal cancer treated by primary surgery. The determination of the immune infiltrate in biopsies before treatment could be a valuable information for the prediction of response to pCRT. Clin Cancer Res; 20(7); 1891–9. ©2014 AACR.

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