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Figure S8 from Pharmacologic Inhibition of SHP2 Blocks Both PI3K and MEK Signaling in Low-epiregulin HNSCC via GAB1

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posted on 2023-04-04, 01:46 authored by Richard Kurupi, Konstantinos V. Floros, Sheeba Jacob, Ayesha T. Chawla, Jinyang Cai, Bin Hu, Madhavi Puchalapalli, Colin M. Coon, Rishabh Khatri, Giovanna Stein Crowther, Regina K. Egan, Ellen Murchie, Patricia Greninger, Krista M. Dalton, Maninderjit S. Ghotra, Sosipatros A. Boikos, Jennifer E. Koblinski, Hisashi Harada, Yue Sun, Iain M. Morgan, Devraj Basu, Mikhail G. Dozmorov, Cyril H. Benes, Anthony C. Faber

Neuregulin-1 does not rescue PI3K and MEK signaling in HNSCC treated with SHP2 inhibitor


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This work identifies a novel role of SHP2 inhibitor by dual downregulation of PI3K and MEK pathways, through loss of GAB1 activation and disruption of GAB1 complexes in low-epiregulin HNSCC.