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Figure S6 from Three-dimensional Imaging Reveals Immune-driven Tumor-associated High Endothelial Venules as a Key Correlate of Tumor Rejection Following Depletion of Regulatory T Cells

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posted on 2023-04-04, 02:03 authored by Stefan Milutinovic, Jun Abe, Emma Jones, Inken Kelch, Kathryn Smart, Sarah N. Lauder, Michelle Somerville, Carl Ware, Andrew Godkin, Jens V. Stein, Gib Bogle, Awen Gallimore

Global overview of intra-tumoral HEVs in 4T1 tumours following PI-3065 treatment.


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We used three-dimensional imaging methods with computational tools to analyze networks of specialized blood vessels called HEVs in LNs and tumors. By applying these techniques in a mouse model of carcinogen-induced tumors, we could identify network changes after depletion of Tregs.