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Figure S5 from The MDM2 Inhibitor Navtemadlin Arrests Mouse Melanoma Growth In Vivo and Potentiates Radiotherapy

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posted on 2023-04-04, 01:44 authored by Katrine Ingelshed, Diana Spiegelberg, Pavitra Kannan, Linnéa Påvénius, Jessica Hacheney, Long Jiang, Silke Eisinger, Danai Lianoudaki, Dilraj Lama, Francisca Castillo, Cecilia Bosdotter, Warren W. Kretzschmar, Omayma Al-Radi, Nicolas Fritz, Eduardo J. Villablanca, Mikael C. I. Karlsson, Fredrik Wermeling, Marika Nestor, David P. Lane, Saikiran K. Sedimbi

Images radiation + Navtemadlin combination.


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The MDM2 inhibitor Navtemadlin arrests mouse tumor growth and potentiates radiotherapy. Our results support a threshold model for apoptosis induction that requires a high, prolonged p53 signaling for cancer cells to become apoptotic.