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Figure S4 from IL1β Expression Driven by Androgen Receptor Absence or Inactivation Promotes Prostate Cancer Bone Metastasis

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posted on 2023-03-30, 11:46 authored by Anthony DiNatale, Asurayya Worrede, Waleed Iqbal, Michael Marchioli, Allison Toth, Martin Sjöström, Xiaolin Zhu, Eva Corey, Felix Y. Feng, Wanding Zhou, Alessandro Fatatis

PC3-ML cells show no difference in luciferase activity between the wild-type promoter and the AREΔ IL-1β promoter, in which the ARE half-site located at -576 was removed.


PA Prostate Cancer Biome Project

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IL1β plays a crucial role in promoting skeletal metastasis. The current standard of care for patients with prostate cancer inhibits the AR-signaling axis in tumor cells and will consequently unleash IL1β production. Thus, hormonal deprivation and AR inhibitors should be combined with targeting IL1β signaling, and screening for DNA methylation on the IL1β locus will identify patients that benefit the most from this approach.