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FIGURE 6 from Targeted Single-cell Isolation of Spontaneously Escaping Live Melanoma Cells for Comparative Transcriptomics

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posted on 2023-08-11, 14:20 authored by Jacqueline L.E. Tearle, Satya N.V. Arjunan, Szun S. Tay, Feyza Colakoglu, James Cremasco, Matteo Golo, Maté Biro

SSZ treatment slows spheroid growth but induces tumor escape by elongated cells. A, Representative maximum intensity projections of imaged hemispheroids for vehicle- and SSZ-treated spheroids. Scale bar, 200 μm. B, Relative spheroid volume for vehicle- and SSZ-treated spheroids. C, Cumulative escaped cells per surface area of imaged hemispheroid. D, Mean escaped cell sphericity per day. B–D, Shaded areas represent SEM.


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This work describes a readily implementable method that allows for the isolation of individual live tumor cells of interest for downstream analyses, and provides the single-cell transcriptomes of melanoma cells at distinct invasive states, both of which open avenues for in-depth investigations into the transcriptional regulation of the earliest phases of metastasis.