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FIGURE 5 from Immunologic Assessment of Tumors from a Race-matched Military Cohort Identifies Mast Cell Depletion as a Marker of Prostate Cancer Progression

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posted on 2023-08-01, 14:20 authored by Cara C. Schafer, Jiji Jiang, Sally Elsamanoudi, Darryl Nousome, Denise Y. Young, Yingjie Song, Isabell A. Sesterhenn, Gregory T. Chesnut, Shyh-Han Tan

BCR-free and metastasis-free survival probabilities for cell type ratios with clinical significance. Youden index is used to stratify high versus low abundances. BCR-free survival probabilities are plotted for high and low relative cell type scores for DC (A) versus TILs, mast cells versus TILs (B), cytotoxic cells versus TILs (C), and B cells versus TILs (D) based on log-rank P < 0.05. Metastasis-free survival probabilities are shown for high and low relative cell type scores for NK cells versus TILs (E), mast cells versus TILs (F), CD8 versus exhausted CD8 (G), and Th1 versus TILs (H) based on log-rank P < 0.05.


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Our findings demonstrate that there are immune-related genes and pathways that differ by race. Impaired intratumoral cellular immune composition, especially for TIL-normalized mast cells, may be vital in predicting and contributing to prostate cancer disease progression.