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TABLE 4 from Blood Leukocyte AHRR Methylation and Risk of Non–smoking-associated Cancer: A Case-cohort Study of Non–Hodgkin Lymphoma

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posted on 2023-09-07, 14:20 authored by Christina Dahl, Ulla A. Hvidtfeldt, Anne Tjønneland, Per Guldberg, Ole Raaschou-Nielsen

IRRs for NHL and 95% CI in association with LINE-1 methylation


Danish Cancer Society Research Center (DCRC)



Our population-based study demonstrated that lower AHRR methylation levels in peripheral blood leukocytes were associated with an increased risk of NHL. This association was independent of tobacco smoking, sex, and lifestyle characteristics, but was highly dependent on time to diagnosis. These findings highlight the potential of AHRR methylation as a biomarker for NHL risk, effective up to 10 years after blood draw.