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Supplementary File 9 from Integrative Metatranscriptomic Analysis Reveals Disease-specific Microbiome–host Interactions in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

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posted on 2023-05-08, 14:20 authored by Vinay Jain, Divyashri Baraniya, Doaa E. El-Hadedy, Tsute Chen, Michael Slifker, Fadhl Alakwaa, Kathy Q. Cai, Kumaraswamy N. Chitrala, Christopher Fundakowski, Nezar N. Al-Hebshi

Differentially abundant microbial enzyme classes (EC) and metabolic pathways (MaAsLin2).


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Dr. Cary. R. Klimen Oral Health Sciences Research Program Fund



Studies have shown that a distinct microbiome is associated with OSCC, but how the microbiome functions within the tumor interacts with the host cells remains unclear. By simultaneously characterizing the microbial and host transcriptomes in OSCC and control tissues, the study provides novel insights into microbiome-host interactions in OSCC which can be validated in future mechanistic studies.