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Data File DS2 from Targeting Lymphoma-associated Macrophage Expansion via CSF1R/JAK Inhibition is a Therapeutic Vulnerability in Peripheral T-cell Lymphomas

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posted on 2023-04-04, 02:00 authored by Xin Gao, Nermin Kady, Chenguang Wang, Suhaib Abdelrahman, Peter Gann, Maria Sverdlov, Ashley Wolfe, Noah Brown, John Reneau, Aaron M. Robida, Carlos Murga-Zamalloa, Ryan A. Wilcox

RNA-seq demonstrates transcriptional reprogramming of LAM


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LAMs are a therapeutic vulnerability, as their depletion impairs T-cell lymphoma disease progression. Pacritinib, a dual CSF1R/JAK inhibitor, effectively impaired LAM viability and expansion, prolonged survival in preclinical T-cell lymphoma models, and is currently being investigated as a novel therapeutic approach in these lymphomas.